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In some cases, where an autopsy still leaves questions unanswered surrounding a death, or a medical opinion from a physician does not address all unknowns surrounding an injury, a pathology expert witness may be called in by legal representation or law enforcement. There are many aspects of an investigation that a pathology expert witness can assist with and analyze, some of which may overlap with other services provided in this field. These aspects may include analyzing the time since death or injury, the cause of death or injury, and determining various features of the deceased or injured individual, such as sex, age, race, stature, pre-existing conditions, and more.

These analyses may also include examination and identification of remains, crime scene recovery procedures, and video or photo verification. Quite often, the information gathered from various previous reports, as well as their own reports, is compared to verify its accuracy. A pathology expert witness can determine if there is any essential information missing, if additional details are required in order to make an accurate statement about the cause of injury or death, and if there are any differences between reported findings and actual findings. Particulars such as these are crucial in criminal and civil investigations, as they provide insight into the circumstances leading up to and surrounding an injury or death.

At Las Vegas Autopsy Service, we take pride in offering our expertise and knowledge of human anatomy as pathology expert witnesses. We understand that any circumstances leading to death or injury can be devastating, especially if there is uncertainty that surrounds it. Whether it is malpractice, hazardous work conditions, abuse or assault, or anything else, Las Vegas Autopsy Service can assist you with finding the answers you are searching for. Let us know how we can help you with your case today.

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